Get Back Again!

Hello everybody… How’s life? Still remeber me? Anyone miss me? Heheee. . . πŸ™‚

It’s been a long time sinced the last time i posted something on this blog right? Really sorry for it, cause there are something that made me can’t post an article or something else for this blog. But now after a long waiting finnally i’m here, and i’ll GET BACK to be active in blogging again. πŸ˜€

Oh, before i will starting to post on this blog…. I’d like to say HAPPY IDUL FITRI to all moslem all around the world, Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin. :mrgreen:

Ok, and here i have some picture about “Montel Waterfall” located in Muria Mountain, Kudus, Central Java. You know? I’ve visitted it about 2 months ago ( June 10th, 2013), and yesterday (August 11th, 2013). I’ll post something about it, just wait. πŸ˜€




Okay, i think it’s all for now, and i’ll be back with some new things on this blog. Thanks for your attention, see you. πŸ˜‰


  1. duniaely · Agustus 13, 2013

    Tamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … Montel waterfall is in my hometown !! .. the pics are amazing. How are you ? πŸ˜›

    • sfirsttama · Agustus 13, 2013

      wow… really? i’m fine,,,
      jadi mbak ely ini tnyata org kudus kah aslinya? πŸ˜€

      • duniaely · Agustus 14, 2013

        asli dong, lahir di sana, lho emang kamu org Kudus juga Tama ? πŸ™„

      • sfirsttama · Agustus 14, 2013

        saya orang pati, tepatnya kecamatan gembong mbak. , masih tetanggaan sama kudus. . πŸ˜›

  2. Ilham · Agustus 13, 2013

    wii air terjunnya gorjes, cantik. bikin pengen basah2an. ditunggu cerita lengkapnya.

    • sfirsttama · Agustus 13, 2013

      knpa tidak coba tuk berkunjung? disini aernya seger lho… udaranya juga sejuk.. :p

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